About Us

TOUR NATCHITOCHES WITH BARBARA is a business locally owned and operated by people whose family has lived in Natchitoches since 1716. Barbara’s ninth generation grandfather, Francois Dion Duprez d’Herbanne (now written Derbonne), was commissioned by King Louis XV of France as “Keeper of the King’s Store House and Paymaster of the Militia” at the newly established Fort St. Jean Baptiste. The land was then inhabited by the Natchitoches (nak-a-tish) Indians of the greater Caddoan Nation. So it is with great pride that Barbara shares information about the history of the City and Parish of Natchitoches.

Barbara has 10 years experience as a tour guide and is committed to provide visitors a well rounded, historically factual, active and fun experience. Barbara is committed to help you Discover the History, Hear the Stories. Savor the Food and Meet the People.