“The Lying Leader”

Chef Menteur  “Lying Leader” “Chef Menteur” means “Lying Leader” or “Chief Liar”. To whom did this refer? What was the lie that made him infamous? One story says he was a Choctaw chief who deceived his own tribe. He was exiled with a few family members and friends and lived on a strip of land near the end of the serpentine bayou. The Chef Menteur Highway was the first automobile road that approached the swampy eastern edge of Orleans Parish. It is known to some as Highway 90. Most people simply refer to it as “Chef Highway”. Another idea is that a French leader broke a promise to a native tribe in the area, which made him the “Chief Lair” or “Lying Leader”. There is still another theory and this is the one I like. The Bayou was so winding and doubled back on itself like switchbacks on a mountain road, the native Americans felt deceived as to what would be their ultimate destination in following the stream. Tour Natchitoches with Barbara and you will never be led astray. You will get a quality tour conducted by a polite and professional guide in the privacy of your vehicle, van or bus. You will be guided seamlessly from site to story in each local. On your own, at times the margin between finding a local historical site and engendering a hysterical “loco” situation may be the difference in having a Natchitoches Tour Guide or not. Call, text or Email Barbara today: 318.663.5468 318.663.5469 bbaileyok8@suddenlink.net Go Online: www.tournatchitocheswithbarbara.com The French Arrived in Natchitoches in 1714. Now It’s your Turn

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