When To Say Yes

Whose Idea Was This?

We thought it was a good idea to take a “self-guided tour”! After all, we have a travel app. Perhaps you have been considering a trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana. The success of your visit may well be settled now if you consider the benefits and advantages of saying “yes” to securing your personal Natchitoches Tour Guide. Say “yes” to the possibility:

  • to reconnect with nature.
  • to share stories of a “story-formed community”.
  • to eat locally (French Creole dishes)
  • to have some fun (no canned or cookie-cutter tours) Flat-out fun.
  • to choose your own schedule.
  • to ask all the questions you could never ask in a large group.
  • to do something you will love.
Natchitoches Meat Pie

Call, text, or Email Barbara today to reserve your private and customized tour.

318.663.5468 or 318.663.5469


Go Online: http://www.tournatchitocheswithbarbara.com

The French Arrived in Natchitoches in 1714.

Now It’s Your Turn.

Agree to something that moves you and renews your personal energy.

Published by deeb1835

Owner and Partner with Barbara Bailey (Tour Natchitoches with Barbara).

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