In the Fall When My Thoughts Turn To….

Mike will be on the prowl soon.
Enough of golf, tennis and Tiddlywinks! I say this even though I played “left Twiddly” on my high school team. Tiddlywinks is played on a felt mat using small discs called “winks”. You use a “squidger” (also a disc) made of plastic, to shoot a wink by flicking the squidger across the top of a wink and then over its edge and thus propel it into the air into a pot. But wait! It gets even more exciting. You could play defense by sending your own winks into the pot and thus potting their winks by “squopping” them by landing on the opponent’s winks. It is not a game for the faint hearted and required physical skill. Now I am ready for some football. The pigskins will soon be flying and it can’t come soon enough for me. You know what else might just be the thing for you, your spouse, partner, family, church group or friends. You guessed it. A Natchitoches Tour. The Blush and Bashful Weekend celebrating the 30th. anniversary of the movie Steel Magnolias is coming up in November. Come help us celebrate. Scroll down for details or go online to
Call, text, or Email Barbara today to reserve your private and customized tour. 318.663.5468 or 318.663.5469 Go Online: The French Arrived in Natchitoches in 1714. Now It’s Your Turn. Posted by Doyle Bailey for Tour Natchitoches With Barbara
Visit the Replica of the French Fort in Natchitoches
Natchitoches Meat Pie
Special weekend in Natchitoches

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